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The gallery contains belts woven by me that can serve as inspiration.

Patterns by complexity

Very simple patterns

Simple patterns that even beginners can master – the cards only rotate forward, or at regular intervals forward and backward all at once. Some are very popular (e.g. the pattern known from Oseberg). A simple belt also looks good on the garment. 🙂

Simple patterns

Patterns that already want some basic experience, some cards rotate forward, others backward, but the rhythm of rotation is not complicated.

Moderately complex patterns

Patterns that a beginner can easily get tangled up in and even moderately advanced weavers have to concentrate a lot on weaving, but there is still a kind of regularity to the turning the cards. 🙂

Complex patterns

Patterns, where the rhythm of rotation is very complex, and brocaded belts.

Very complex patterns

The most complex patterns, where some kind of regular rhythm of turning the cards is almost absent (this is meant with a slight exaggeration, but e.g. in Snartem V it almost is reality).


Viking patterns

Patterns mostly based on findings from known sites such as Oseberg, Hedeby, Birka, Mammen and others.

Celtic patterns

Patterns from well-known sites such as Halstatt in Austria.

Slavic patterns

There are very few historical Slavic patterns. I consider modern patterns as Slavic, which are based on traditional embroidery and belts woven with other techniques.

Universal patterns

Vzory vhodné téměř pro každou příležitost.

Other patterns

Fantasy patterns, modern patterns and also patterns from other parts of the world.

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