Wedding bands – first weaving on six-hole cards

I wove these wedding bands for our friends for a pagan ceremony. The first one was used as the hem of the tunic of the bride and groom. The second was used as the bride’s belt. The other three decorated the bouquet, the bride’s cap and the newlyweds‘ daughter.

Slovanské svatební karetky

How I learned to weave on six-hole cards

The work was interesting for me, especially because I tried weaving on six-hole cards for the first time. I remember quite accurately how horrified I was when I nodded that I could do this pattern, and then I discovered that it was a technique I had never tried before. The deadline for finishing was pretty crazy, but the horror turned into excitement to learn something new. After that, it was (almost) self-explanatory. 🙂

I enjoy this technique and I love coming back to this pattern and others I’ve made for six-hole cards (you can find soma of them in gallery). They make really wide and thick bands that I can imagine using, especially for hanging something heavier (like a strap for a musical instrument, a large bag, etc). But as you can see in the article linked below, they are also suitable for bold hems.

The wider bands in the photos below were woven on six-hole cards.

Wedding bands at a Slavic pagan wedding

The symbol on the wider strips represents a fertile field, a symbol commonly used on Slavic embroidery, weavings and fabrics. On the narrower strips is a similar symbol, but simplified. If you want to see what the wedding cards looked like in action at a Slavic wedding, follow this link.

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